Catching the Vapors

November 2020: This was my my first recording session with Josh Stewart and Fallout Studios at the historic Vapors nightclub in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I didn't know what to expect before this recording session and I actually didn't know we would be recording in the main room of The Vapors until that afternoon. The Vapors' history is filled with gangsters, nightlife, sin, and showbiz from nearly a century ago. The building has a mystery to it and seems to go on and on just when you thought there couldn't be yet another room. Recording and creating in a new place always seems to inspire and it definitely happened for us here. Josh and I completed my first single "Summerland" from my new EP (coming Summer 2021) in one evening at the Vapors.

The view from the stage:

 Famous faces donned the walls of the Vapors lobby:

Liberace and friends keep an eye on you as you enter:Recording with the incomparable Josh Stewart of Fallout Studios in the main room:

The Vapors in its heyday (1960s)

For more info on the history of the Vapors check out this book by author David Hill:



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